1995 Mitsubishi Galant

We have a Galant with approximately 76,000 miles. Lately, we have noticed that when it rains the car sputters and accelerates really slowly up to 30 mph. Once we get to 30, it acts normal. Sometimes if we turn the car off and then start it again, this problem goes away. Anybody have a similar problem or idea? My guess is it is something with the computer.

Moisture is getting into something; usually it’s the spark plug wires that are cracked or distributor. When the car heats up they dry out and the engine runs normally. It could also be your computer, but I would check out these less expensive things first.

If the engine has the original spark plugs in it then I would recommend changing those. Aged plugs cause problems right on down the line so to speak; and this is exacerbated by moisture in the air.

Next, check inside the distributor cap for moisture. In humid conditions moisture can be drawn inside the cap after an engine is shut off. With the next start it may run rough until the moisture evaporates.

Lastly, you might try spraying the distributor cap and plug wires with WD-40. This can help repel moisture and prevent the inside of the cap from sweating.