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1995 Mercury Cougar, stuck in park

My 1995 Mercury Cougar XR7 has been sitting on a hill for the past couple of months, unable to shift out of park. It starts, but will not move. I have also lost power to my power seats, trunk release, fuel door release, 4-way flashers, radio, clock, brake lights, and various other things. I have checked all fuses, they are fine. When this started, I had just removed the stock radio/cassette player to replace it with a cd player. When I hooked the new one up, it would not work, which was disappointing. The even more disappointing thing was that my car also no longer would shift. After replacing the stock radio, my problems still have not gone away. My car has to be moved by the end of this month. How do I fix this?

Sounds like a blown maxi fuse. Check your owners manual for the location of the fuses. Probably under the hood in a seperate fuse box.

Check the fusible links under the hood.

Did you disconnect the battery cable before attempting the stereo replacement? Did you cut and splice any wires?

Since the brake lights aren’t working, check the brake light switch. It probably also operates the shift interlock. If it’s faulty or out of adjustment you won’t be able to shift out of park. The switch is under the dashboard, and contacts the brake pedal arm. It may be difficult to see / reach.

Just to move the car, try to get it out of park by turning the key to unlock, but not with the ignition on. Now try to move the shifter out of park and start it in neutral.

Okay, you need to get your electrical issue fixed, but meanwhile, here is how to get it out of park so that you can move it.
Turn the key to unlock, this is the first stop when you turn the key clockwise, and no electrical power will be turned on.
Shift the transmission to neutral and start the engine.
You can now shift to drive or reverse, but if you shift to park it will be locked there until you shutdown and repeat the trick above.
This assumes that the circuit that you knocked out isn’t involved in the starting or running of the engine. This assumption may very well be incorrect.

Thanks everyone. I managed to get it started by turning the key once and putting it in neutral. It was nice to drive it around a bit. But I still am having the problem with all of the electrical components. The fuses are all good, but I’m not sure where the fusible links are. The owner’s manual barely mentions them. Any ideas?

No, I did not disconnect the battery cable before replacing the stereo. Stupid, I know. I did cut and splice a couple of wires, but I’m sure that I didn’t mess that up. I searched for the brake light switch, but was unable to find it. Do you know what it would look like? Thanks.

Unless you plan to sell this car tomorrow, a good investment for you would be the factory service manual and the factory wiring diagrams. You may be able to get a good deal on these on e-bay. Otherwise, try

Note that new factory manuals for this car are very reasonably priced. The specific one that you need for your current issue is only $22.50, but I’d get the $40 shop manual too.

Also try ebay. They usually have factory manuals CHEAP. That’s where I buy mine.

I was not aware of the trick of shifting into neutral with the key on accessory. That’s good to know.

The BIG fuses under the hood are the ones you’re looking for.There will be a plastic cover over them.

As mcparadise mentioned it looks like you blew a fuse link.

Your results might vary, but on my 95 Taurus a fuse link feed s a 40 amp maxi fuse in the engine compartment fuse box. If that fuse is not blown, look for a blown fuse link.

On my 95 Taurus the underhood fuse box & fuse links are at the drivers side rear corner under the hood.

Fuse links are situated just outside of the underhood fuse box will have the manuals and this includes the schematics and location pictures. It does have a annual fee, but after you fix it you can cancel.

It won’t work with the key on accessory. You have to put the key on “unlock.” This is the position before accessory.