1995 Maxima Hard Start cold



I have a 1995 Maxima (115k miles), that I bought used. It is in great shape, but has a problem where it is hard to start when engine is cold. When cold, the engine turns over, but will sputter and stall. It will usually start on 2nd attempt, and then runs fine. If restarting when engine is warm, it starts fine. I’ve had it to 5 mechanics (including dealer) and no one can pinpoint the cause. I’ve had a full induction service done, replaced the plugs. Mechanics have checked the throttle position sensor, the coolant sensor was graphed and all appear normal. The fuel pressure was monitored overnight and did not drop. The dealer’s ‘best guess’ is there might be a ‘leaky injector’, but that is discounted by other mechanics who note there is no smoke from exhaust when it starts. I have noticed that when it has the problem and begins to stall, if I pump the accelerator, it will rev and stay running. Does this indicate the engine is starved for fuel? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance…


I might go the other way from the dealer and guess that one or more injectors are dirty, not letting loose until pressure is built up enough.


Do you know of a way to determine if that is the case? The mechanic that did the induction service says the tips of the injectors would have been cleaned during that process…Thanks


Would what you describe necessarily only happen when engine is cold? Thanks


Sorry for the delay in answering…When engine is cold (even sitting for a few hours after driving), on 1st attempt to start, it will sputter, run rough and usually stalls. We can usually pump accelerator when this happens and it will not stall. Once it does start, it will run fine…Thanks