1995 Lexus ES 300 speedometer needle won’t move

my speedometer needle does not move from resting position. CE light had come on, and speed sensor was replaced as well as the ECM. It began to work, 30 miles later it is not working. What is up or for that matter down?

When the speedometer doesn’t function, take the palm of your hand and slap the top of the dash above the instrument cluster.

If the speedometer starts working, replace the instrument cluster.


By “speed sensor” I presume you mean where the speedo cable plugs into the transmission, rather than the engine computer speed sensor, which is probably part of the speedometer ass’y. If the transmission speed sensor has been replaced, it’s probably either the cable itself, or what’s at the other end of the cable, the speedometer. It’s often possible to use an electric drill to drive the input to the speedometer to test it. That’s probably where to start, if your Lexus uses the same configuration for this function as my similar-vintage Corolla.