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Erratic 1998 Honda Civic LX Speedometer

The speedometer on my Honda Civic LX (manual transmission) is totally spazzzzed out!

The following symptoms don?t seem to be influenced by anything, such as the heat of the day, light on, light off; nothing!

Sometimes the speedometer works along with the Odometer; other time it doesn?t work at all.

It also has episodes of totally erratic behavior, from non-function, to all of a sudden the needle jumps from zero to any given speed and then returns back to zero again.

This also happens anywhere from a single needle jump to the needle randomly jumping wildly all over the full calibrated rang on the face of the gauge.

I have know idea as to what the problem might be other than maybe the speed sensor on the transmission. I have no clue as to what looks like or where it might be on the trans.

I have priced the sensors anywhere from $100-$140 depending on who you get them from. Unfortunately the local Honda dealer was no help at all in sharing any tech information with me.

Any ideas.


You’re most likely right - it’s probably the speed sensor.