1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee oil leak

I just went through 10 quarts of oil in 2 weeks. It’s a major leak, obviously, signified by the the huge trail of oil I’ve tracked all over town. I took it to Wal-Mart recently because a friend tried convincing me that i had been putting the wrong oil filter on there but I was like no way. That’s not the case. Wal-Mart ended up coming back saying it was leaking from the housing the filter screws onto. That’s what I’ve been thinking all along. But anyways, I was able to get a look from an observers perspective vs being in the vehicle when the worker drove it back over to me and the jeep was just pouring oil out of it. I’m talking like a waterfall. Any ideas how to make sure it’s that or what else could it be? Btw it’s the v8.

If you don’t trust their assessment you can look for yourself. It sounds like the oil filter adapter housing is leaking, replace the gasket.