1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD Computer Issues

I have had the computer on this vehicle repaired twice. Does this vehicle (or jeep as a whole) have issues with computer systems?

The car is now 24 years old. Any electronic control unit is going to have problems when they get that old. Capacitors go bad in the car and if the part is sitting on the shelf. Replacing them can be hard to impossible. Your Jeep is to the point that its electronics are starting to fail and parts will not be available to repair it.

This is a problem with ALL 20 + year old computer-controlled cars, not just yours.

Check with the dealer and see if there is an update available.

Since it is pretty old, you might find it less expensive to just replace the ECU rather than have it repaired. It would be good to know if the troubles are the same thing or different. I assume that the trouble is really inside the ECU and not something external to it. If the trouble is the same issue as before there may be something external to the ECU that is causing damage to it.

Thank you for the information. I’d been told jeep as a whole had problems with their computers much like Jaguar and the electrical system in the 70s, 80s. . .Just in general. Though I had a Jag and it never had such an issue, thus I’ve been curious how if there is any credibility to the inference to the quality of the Jeep electronics.

Computers have often been blamed for problems that are not within the computer, but in the sensors and actuators and wiring that are connected to the computer. People may be misled into thinking the computer was repaired, when it was really something else. Could that be the case here?

Repairing a computer is probably something a dealer or other mechanic wouldn’t do - unless it’s performing an “update” - which might be the case here. Do you have more specific info on what was done, and who did it?


It was sent to an electronics refurbisher on both occasions. I was just curious if this was a repetitive issue with the Jeep computers.

I don’t know. allpar.com is a great site for Chrysler/Jeep discussions and there may be more answers there. Good luck. Please let us know how it goes for you.

We don’t get many complaints about bad computer modules in 90’s Jeep GC here as far as I recall. You can use forum search feature and see if you can find anything, click the search icon, upper right on this page. There’s a lot of computers in your Jeep. If there’s two that seems to cause trouble reports here, I’d say it is the body control module and daytime running light module rather than the ecm. As long as the modules are kept dry, you shouldn’t have much trouble with them, even at 20+ years.

Since the transmission blew a seal yesterday, this has become a moot subject considering the overall condition of it. Off to the recyclers. Thank You all for your responses.

Sorry for your loss. Sometimes the next step is pretty clear, it seems. Thanks for coming here - you are welcome.