1995 Jeep Cherokee keeps blowing the same fuse

My 95 Cherokee Sport keeps blowing the engine control 2 fuse underneath the hood. It blows immediately after I turn the key to the run position, I don’t even have to crank it. It cranks just fine. It started out blowing the fuse and I would replace it, then it was good for about 7 starts. Then I would replace the fuse and start the whole thing over again. Now it just blows it when I turn the key to the run position.

What’s on that fuse? I have a short in the dome light in my old Chevy Prizm that does the same thing. I haven’t gotten in the mood until the whole dome light out trying to find the short and actually I want to make sure I even have the right bulb because it’s been hard to get the bulb in place. But with the bulb and it blows the same fuse. I put the bulb in place with the fuse out, shove the fuse in and it immediately blows.

You seem to be saying it would crank over and start about 7 times before blowing a fuse. Are you saying now it will crank but not start or that it will not crank at all. You put a fresh fuse in, turn the key on and it blows the fuse. And with the blown fuse it won’t even crank.

You will have to what it says about everything that’s on that circuit. You have a dead short somewhere. If you know everything on the circut maybe it’s on one of the easier things.

I hate electrics.

even with the blown fuse it will still crank over.

it powers the ASD.

most everything under the hood.

trying to find a good list.

I know the fuel pump and o2 sensor are involved with the fuse

I don’t know enough to be of any more help. Maybe you can find something in these discussions.