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1995 jeep cherokee - help please

I found a 1995 jeep cherokee for sale. The owner says it only needs a freeze plug. The price and condition are great. I am conserned that coolant froze and could have caused serious damage. It is a 4.0 liter motor. What should I check for in regard to this? What else should I look for on this vehicle. I do not know much jeeps. Thanks for your help.

Is it running, have you driven it or is it sitting, not running needing a plug and a fill? Had a mechanic look at it? More often a freeze plug corrodes out (at least in the Northeast USA) than pops from freezing. A mechanic can tell you this, almost for certain in most cicumstances. Did the current owner tell you the engine/cooling sys. froze up?

It runs. It is quite a distnce away so I am trying to have everything ready so I can check it out and bring it back to repair it. Body is good interior is good 120K - $1200

IN indiana

So did the owner say it froze up or just that it needs a plug? It may never have frozen up if it’s just corroded and pinleaking. Beware that if this is the case you should check for signs it was allowed to overheat when low on coolant.

He said it needed a new freeze plug. Thanks for the heads up on probable overheating. I was going to look for antifreeze leaks particularly around the head, make sure nothing is mixing in the oil. I was going to try to let it get to operating temp. But I doubt it would build up enough pressure to see leaks any where else? Any other ideas?

Sometimes deals aren’t as good as they first seem to be. I would be prepared to spend some extra money on future repairs if you do purchase it. If the vehicle is on the eastern side of the country beware of corrosion problems under the vehicle.