1995 Isuzu Rodeo

5 speed manual transmission. 62,000 miles. Clutch pedal to the floor, can’t get into 1st gear or reverse. Take it to the mechanic, he says bad throw out bearing, going to replace the entire clutch. Get it back, same problem. Mechanic says it is now the slave cylinder, replaces that. Clutch good for one day, then same probelm. Mechanic can’t figure it out, replaces ALL the parts again in case one is faulty. No change. The car is still on the lift 10 days later, what is he missing? Help please, we need our Isuzu back.

Was the clutch master cylinder replaced and the system properly bled?

I hope you haven’t been charged for all this extra parts-hanging that’s been going on. The guy doesn’t sseem to know what he’s doing.

I’ll second the clutch master cylinder if it has not been replaced yet. It would have been the first thing I would have replaced if the slave cylinder was not leaking and the throwout bearing not making noise.

I wholeheartedly agree that the guy seems to be clueless.

I think I know what he’s missing. Hopefully he’ll find enough of it to be able to get the master cylinder changed and the whole thing bled and working.

It seems that any high school shop student would have known enough up front for this problem to simply push the clutch pedal in and check what’s happening at the other end of the hydraulics before tearing everything open.