Collapsed clutch pedal

I have a 1994 isuzu rodeo with 220,000 miles on it. I usually have no problems with it EXCEPT, when I go on trips to NY’s catskill mountains and I park the car overnight, I’ll find the clutch pedal all the way on the floor in the morning and will have to pump and pump the pedal to get it to work again. When I return to the city, the clutch works fine. I’ve already tried bleeding the clutch with no better results. Is there a restorative fluid for a clutch system?

How many miles ago has the clutch master cylinder been replaced? How cold does it get overnight in the catskill mountains? I assume you are not losing fluid from the reservoir. I suspect you are having a problem with the clutch master cylinder primary cup leaking internally.

There is no restorative fluid that I know about. Anything that would improve the seal of the primary cup would cause all the seals to swell and cause other problems. Post back with your progress on this situation.

The master cylinder’s never been replaced in the 90,000 miles that I’ve owned the car…it does get cold up there at night…(usually in the 50’s in July/August then much colder later)…but winter in NJ is cold and I don’t have the problem there…I’m pretty sure its something to do with altitude…I’m also not totally confident that I’m bleeding the system properly. The only bleed nozzle I’m finding is not on the slave cylinder but is below a junction where the metal pipe from the master cylinder transitions to a rubber pipe leading to the trans. You’re probably right about the Master Cylinder, was just trying to avoid an expensive repair.