1995 Honda gets Hiccup on Drive

a while back i experienced engine rumbling and vibrating steering wheel as soon a I started up the car. It scared me enough that I keyed off the engine instantly without hesitation. Popped the hood and checked the usual for oil level, spark plug wires, air filter ect… Things appears to be fine so I decided to try again and it seems normal. I’ve been driving off since and the problem is now re-occurring. Accept this time is somewhat in different order with a new introduction.

That is, once I started up the car I notice right away that it isn’t running likely usual. At Idle/Park it roars up quite quickly and goes back to the normal stage for some 15-30secs then roars up so on and so forth.

I let it goes on for like 5 minutes while observing the engine. I then decided to test drive it, as soon as i shifted from Park to Drive, the whole engine block rumbling up and violent vibrating steering wheel. Very similar to somewhat I had experience several months ago. I drove off anyway despite the fact. Every time I stepped on the gas, it is almost doesn’t want to accelerate but follows with a kick. I can only described it as Hiccup, the whole trip down the block and back doesn’t change anything. I felt like sitting on a vibrating massage chair. As I pull the shift to Park/Neutral the hiccup symptom goes away.

Waited for the engine to cool down and undo all 4 spark plugs, visual they are all appears to be normal. I took a rest as the sun is going down. The following morning decided to crank up and guess what, engine is running like nothing happened, test drive it too and things are fine now.

This is confusing, because it is not consistent and I am clueless to what might have caused this.

could it be BAD or CLOGGED - EGR Valve, IAC Valve, PCV, Fuel Injector, Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires ect…

Any inputs?

My prime suspects would be a bad IAC or perhaps a vacuum line that is disconnected or punctured. Of course, if the spark plugs, plug wires, air filter, and fuel filter are overdue for changing, those things need to be done also.