1995 Chrysler Concorde - hiccup/sputter at a stop

My 95 Concorde, when I am at a stop, will sometimes hiccup/sputter while idling. It will also sometimes do it when I push on the accelerator when speeding up from say 35mph zone up to 55 – it will do it a few times and then smooth out. But, when I a get to a stop light, it’ will hiccup/sputter a few times – a couple of times it seemed real bad and the car seemed to shake.

When it does this I don’t notice any movement in the RPM needle and seems to idle normally; It’s never died and starts just fine.

The muffler needs fixed – has a hole or something.

I was thinking of getting an oil change, replace the air and fuel filter, first.

Any thoughts or anyone have a similar problem?

Are you running the AC at the time? Sometimes happens when the compressor cycles.

Are you up on your routine maintenance? Could be many things, vacuum hose, fouled injector, etc. Any warning lights on?

Could be a fuel problem, possibly a clogged filter or a bad pump/low pressure. Could be air, but probably not a clogged air filter since that be more likely to cause problems at highway speed. Could be bad spark, like plugs or coils. Changing the oil and filters won’t do any harm and may help. But I’ll bet its something else. Is your check engine light on?