1995 Ford Explorer - How to move past an old vehicle

Need to sell my 95 Explorer XLT which has been sitting for many years. I heard that spraying some “jet fuel” in would get everything cleaned and it would probably start. As a single 68 year old woman, and knowing no one whom can help me with this, I’ve be researching. I just read about BG 44K. I know that it needs new oil and filters, a battery, etc. from sites I’ve read. I need to be “armed” with info so that when I have a mobile mechanic come by, I’ll know if he’s being truthful. I also have to get new tires, which is why I need a mobile mechanic. I would be so very grateful for any and all info which you can provide me. I’m my 40 year old son’s 24/7 Caregiver. As a result of a Traumatic Brain Stem Injury he received when a passenger in a car which struck a tree at 60mph, he’s also a quadriplegic. I’m trying to sell whatever I can so that we can move near an old friend in NY; and NY will be financially helpful to us, as far as what is offered by Medicare and Medicaid. SO, as my SUV ran well, previously (I bought the best oil, etc. and did routine maintenance, yes I know, it’s now been sitting for years, but I know that she ran perfectly before) I look forward to fixing her up and selling to someone whom will take good care of her. I just haven’t been able to. The only time I leave the house is in an ambulance when my son needs his peg tube replaced. I’m sorry this has gone on and on, but I wanted to give you enough info so that you’d know, I really need someone whom I can count on. Thank you for reading this and for whatever assistance you can give me. Blessings to you and yours, Dawn

Dawn , sorry for your problems . Just call a salvage yard and take what they will give you for this old vehicle. If you spend the money on tires , battery , fresh fluids , bringing registration up to date and what else is needed to make it run you will not even break even .


how long is many years? most likely the gas will need to be drained from the tank because it turns to like a lacquer and could cause more problems when trying to start it.
you could try selling it as is. or you can try to ask for help from your local high school. a lot have auto tech classes that the teach students to work on vehicles. the might fix it for the price of parts. it doesnt hurt to make a few phone calls to ask. you would just have to get it towed their. you can also try calling your local church and explain your situation. they might know of a church member who is a mechanic who might be willing to help. good luck.

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I agree with the others that you should sell the vehicle as-is. You might find a do-it-yourselfer who is willing to work on this, or who might want to use it for parts. The long list of needs that you give will far exceed the value of the Explorer. You might be surprised about how many calls you will get if you price this right.