1995 gmc vandura explorer

I am looking for a van to go on occasional trips with, and have a friend who is willing to let me take a 1995 gmc vandura explorer off his hands at no cost to myself. The problem is that it has been parked outdoors for the last 5 years without being driven, which was done despite the fact that it was, at the time that it was parked, was in good working with just over 100,000 miles. I was wonder if it would be even worth bothering with. Or have to the past 5 years certainly caused such significant damage to the engine and/or frame as to make it unsafe and very expensive to fix. Any help would be much appreciated!

The first thing you’ll be confronted with is the bad gas in the fuel system. This could result in replacing everything from the fuel tank to the fuel injectors. That sound like something you want to take on?


thanks for the reply tester. To tell you the truth I would really like to save this van if it means replacing those things. What other problems would I expect to be confronted with?

Do this first,fiqure its going to cost $3000 to get this van travel ready. Start looking and see if you can buy one of these thats already running for that money.

If you don’t like my $3000 figure come up with your own figure and still look.

The first thing you will want to watch for is a warning light of any kind. Rear wheel drive vans are always worth saving and driving. Don’t spill any of that old gasoline with MTBE in it or you will be contaminating someone’s water supply. It will run if it wasn’t beaten down before it was parked.

Well, the first thing to check is if the engine will even turn over by using a breaker bar and the proper size socket on the crankshaft bolt.