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1995 ford crown victoria air suspension

My 1995 crown vic keeps blowing the compressor fuse and my poor car is draggin’ ass, so to speak. What could be the problem? And solution. Could it be the Relay - Active Suspension or something much more costly? I’ve seen conversion kits. Are they difficult to install?

There might be a short to ground on the hot wire, but it could be the compressor.

Conversion kits are easy to install. Personally, I would not install poverty coils in place of the wonderful, self-leveling rear air suspension unless the next stop was the junk yard. You will get springs, isolators, and instructions with the kit. All you have to do is unhook the shocks and drop the control arms, and unhook a retainer at the top to get the air springs out. Installation requires you to compress the springs to re-install the shocks so you will probably have to jack on the control arms.

Most of the time expensive repairs if this system can be avoided if the symptoms are not ignored. With a 1995, the air springs were probably leaking leaving the rear low. If the springs and dryer were replaced, costing, tops, $150 in parts, you could be in shape for another decade or so.

The trouble is that people ignore the sagging after sitting. The compressor works all the time and the dryer gets saturated. The system fills with water and trashes the pump and solenoids. A pump will set you back, probably $200 by itself. You can find packages including springs and pump for a little less. Shop around and go aftermarket. The Ford replacement parts are very costly.

Peruse these:

If you need to read codes from the air suspension module. You can borrow one here for the price of shipping and a deposit:

Then cruse on over to, if you have questions. Even if you decide to install poverty coils, you will probably find the forum useful for other issues with your decade and a half-old car.