1995 Fleetwood American Dream/Gillig chassis motorhome blew AC high pressure hose

Sorry guys, I couldn’t find the right vehicle for the tags here. This is a motorhome but I suspect auto AC systems work mostly the same. It is a 1995 Fleetwood, on a Gillig chassis. This is for the dash AC.

When I got the this, the AC was not working. I found a bad, leaking pressure sensor by the evap. Replaced that, system tested good for pressure, filled and was blowing ice cold. Few days later found that the seal on the back of the compressor had failed. Replaced compressor, recharged system, working great for about a week. Returned from a trip and idling in driveway for a bit and I heard a huge pressure release. Sure enough the high pressure hose blew loose from the fitting at the back of the compressor.

It’s about a 5 or 6 foot run to the cooler. No big deal. I’ll go have a new one made. BUT just wondering if I should be looking at something else too that might be causing an issue or is it simply age (25 years old) and it being unused for so long that might be causing the issues?

Thanks for any help you might give.

To me it sounds like the a/c system deteriorating from being 25 years old, like you said.

I’d find a good a/c shop and have them go over the whole system.

That was the pressure relief valve, you don’t have sufficient cooling across the condenser. Check the cooling fan/fan clutch.

No, it was actually the o-ring seal at the rear plate of the compressor’s body.