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1995 F150 will not start

I have a 1995 F150 that will not start… I get power to the coil but it does not pulse. About three months I was driving the truck and it died when it was at idle and would not start up. The engine turns over but no spark from the coil. The next morning the truck started fine. I replaced the coil thinking it was getting hot and going open in one of the windings.
I was driving the truck again yesterday pulled up to a stop sign and the truck died and will not start. I waited over night and the truck still will not start. There is no pulse at the tach lead of the coil only a steady 12volts. I checked all the connections and replaced the Ignition control module, but it still would not start. I unpluged the PIP sensor in the distributor and made sure it is getting 12 volts. After plugging it back in, I tried to test the output signal of the pip sensor, but the engine started right up. The engine ran for about 5 minutes and then died and will not start again. I tried the pip sensor plug again but it did not work.
Does anyone have any ideas?

PIP sensor is the hall effect pickup coil in the distributor