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1995 F150 Starts then Won't Start

My problem is my 1995 Ford XL 150 extended cab that I bought in 2010. It was always a great running truck until I ran out of gas in the rear tank. After that came problems with the “check engine light”, and the related codes were: 111, 211; and 332. I believe they were all codes for the EGR system. Got that fixed, but it never seemed to run as smooth as it did before the “check engine light” came on.
Next, it became temperamental about starting, and that is why I’m writing to you. I never know if it is going to start and I can’t trust it to not leave me stranded somewhere.
When it doesn’t want to start it just keeps turning over and over, not giving any indication that it wants to start, like somebody pulled the coil wire, or it’s completely out of gas.
The engine is a 5.8L with 160k miles. Does this problem sound like something familiar that happens with these engines? One mechanic said the fuel pressure was slightly below normal, and that no vacuum leaks were found. He recommended having my injectors cleaned and tested for $450.00. That price didn’t include replacing any injectors that didn’t pass the test. He couldn’t guarantee if that would solve that problem though. That’s a lot of dollars without a guarantee.
Twice I’ve had my mechanic come over to my house when it wouldn’t start. By the time he got there, it started right up for him. The other day it started and ran for about 5 seconds then died and wouldn’t start again after that. Really annoying.
So, is there anything you might suspect as being the culprit causing it to not start?
Short of calling in a young priest and an old priest can you help? I’m at my wits end, and if you think and exorcism might help, just let me know.