1995 f150 4x4 click click click click click


My ford pick up sat dead all winter in my garage because i didn’t want to bother finding out what was wrong. When i needed to i found it was the battery posts needed a good cleaning. it started real easy after that. it has been a few months and i have started it at least once a month. the last time i started it it wouldn’t start. It has power(head lights, dash, radio) but it doesn’t start. It just chugs, winds down, power goes away and it starts to click over and over again really steady like.

I have no idea about anything mechanical.

any thoughts or advice?


How old is the battery? Did you also clean ends of cables opposite the battery? A bad battery or corroded cables can cause this. Also have cahrging system checked when you can. If you have a multimeter you can test both for an idea.


Opps charging system. Another thought, drive it so battery can charge if able too.