1995 Chrysler Concorde front end shakes at low speed

The front of the car shakes while driving slowly or coming to a stop.

Does the steering feel a little loose?
Inspect the inner tie rod bushings attached to the rack and pinion located behind the engine.

That’s one repair I don’t miss.

What is the cost for this repair

The most common answer to this type of question is; no one can answer that, it depends on where you live.
If you live in a house or apartment this repair will cost $600 to $700.

Likely more than you want to spend on a 27 year old car, assuming parts are still available.


Rack is mounted high and tie rods attach to upper struts. Dodge did it so rack is above trans bellhousing. These cars have longitudinal motors. Not transverse. Could be loose rack bushings.

Could be a lot of things on a 27 year old car, none of which we can accurately diagnose on the internet.


Yep, I’d prepare to spend some money to pay a good shop to check out the entire front suspension. It’s a safety issue if something lets go.

edit-this includes checking out the brakes.


Don’t assume that the owner is a major cheapskate, or that the repairs will be too difficult and/or expensive for this 27-year old car, which was a very high-end model in its day. This person may be the original owner, or second owner, and may have owned this car for many years. They may be very happy with this car and be willing to invest the cost needed to have it run and drive well again. The parts are almost certainly available in the aftermarket, as Chrysler vehicles of this era shared a lot of mechanical parts.

The owner posted on a website rather than stopped at their mechanic and asked about the cost…that tells me quite a bit more than any information the OP posted about the car.


Very high end? Not really, above average probably.

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Chrysler Concorde High End ? Maybe compares to a Chevrolet Impala but not what I would call high end .