I heard a show recently where the caller described my exact problem.

A noise under the front tire area that goes cl-clunk, cl-clunk whenever I hit a bump. It’s really concerning and annoying. My truck has made it since fall of '07.

I had it taken to the shop & they replaced shocks & struts. When I drove away, the noise continued. I thought that either it was inn my head or they didn’t even drive it to heard the noise I described.

After hearing a show where they identified it as a bushing, I’m sure it was the latter.

I drive a '99 Ford Explorer 4wd XLT. What kind of cost should I anticipate for this repair? Also, should I just go in and say “check the front bushing”?

Also, I live in Colorado so my windshield is trashed over about 4 years. What should be the typical replacement cost?


Don’t assume this problem is a bushing. You should get the truck inspected by someone else (not a chain store like Midas, etc.) and make sure this problem is not something serious and potentially fatal to the driver; say a ball joint or tie rod end.

Costs can vary based on locale but around here most windshields run about 250-400 installed; not including the exotic stuff of course.