1995 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 #- Question on test

Can u tell me when it changed over, I have a 1995 TBI 350 5.7 L and was wondering if the battery alternator test wouldn’t work without Frying my electrical system

Please explain your question more. Even an auto parts store person should be able to test your battery and charging system without frying anything.

When what changed over?

I think he’s talking about removing the battery with the engine running as an alternator test. TBI engines had electronic controls and a computer. I wouldn’t risk it.


Isn’t your crystal ball working today? :smirk:
I know that mine is currently non-functional, so–like you–I have no idea as to what he is referencing.

Let’s come at this from a different angle, please

How about telling us what’s going on with your truck?

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All you need is a voltmeter or one of those $10 plug in devices from Walmart. Plug it into the lighter socket and read the voltage. If 13, 14, the alternator is fine. Turn the engine off and if the reading is 12.5 or so, the battery is fine. They even have red, yellow green lights to make it easy. You can go further by doing a CCA test but that requires more stuff.

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