1995 buick wont start

got a 1995 buick park avenue here and its not starting. prior to this the engine would die when driving up hills and inclines or when stopped. the car would also make the wierd noise like a low growl. when i got jome today it died completely not even starting up or anything. I suspect a bad alternator but I want to hear other opinions.

That has two meanings.

You turn the key and nothing happens, or you turn the key, and the engine cranks over but doesn’t fire.


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I turn the key and nothing.

With a GM vehicle of this age, I’d check the positive terminal for corrosion.


ok lemme go have a look

I went out to my car and check for corrosion on the battery terminal (specifically the positive one), and I didn’t find any. But when I pluged in the wires back in the battery the power was back and the car was starting again. I’m not sure what this means.

Replace the positive battery cable assembly




Ok I’ll let you know after I replace it. I should have it done by Thursday. Thankyou for your advice you saved me from a lot of unnecessary stress, I appreciate it.

I want to ask, could the battery cable have also caused those other symptoms or should I be on the lookout for another problem.



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I had one instance the rubber boot deformed to the point when I reconnected it it would not make contact, exacto knife worked for me.

GM’s infamous side terminal Battery design strikes again. They are especially troublesome when combined with a lot of road salt.