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02 Buick won't start

I have been spending weekends with my recently widowed mother. This morning it was 20 degrees–very cold for here. I cranked her Buick–it made the tiniest effort and stopped. So I got out the cabels and jumped it–first having to read the manual to find the battery under the back seat and the remote positive next to the fuse box! It started slowly but caught. Then I drove it for 15 minutes. I parked it and turned it off. I tried to crank it, but it was totally lifeless.

Battery? I looked at it under the seat with a flashlight and saw the green indicator the manual told me about. Starter? I’ve been a Toy Boy for the last 20 years so not familiar with GM stuff.

If this vehicle has the original battery installed, the battery is at an age where a cold snap could kill it.

If you know how to test the battery/charging system on a Toyota, it’s the same for a GM.


The rest of the story! I couldn’t jump it this morning, so I called AAA. The guy had trouble with the remote positive and all the aluminum in the engine compartment. We finally go it running. He suggested Advance for the battery. So with motor running, I drove into town and found one. The Advance dude put in the 100-1 battery and found part of the problem–battery post on the Delco was corroded and broken. Hence the totally dead response. I think there may be some fuel issues with the injectors–or just some flooding from all the starting this morning. May take to Buick dealer in town to look over next week. I give up on this beast!