1995 Buick Lesabre

I have 1995 buick Lesabre 3.8 that would start some days but on some days it will turn over but not start?

Does there seem to be a relationship between the weather (temperature or dampness) and the days when it starts? If you get it started on day can you expect to get it started later in the day, like can you drive it to the grocery and expect to be able to get it started when going home?

How about a little history. Have you had any other recent problems? How about maintenance? Last oil and filter change, air filter, fuel filter spark plugs and wires???

Does parking on a hill (facing up or down) make a difference?

This is often caused by moisture (from high humidity) getting into the spark producing parts: spark plug wires, distributor cap/ignition coil(s), ignition module. Change spark plugs and wires. Then, troubleshoot (instructions in the repair manual) the rest.