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Buick Lesabre

Hi guys, i have a 2000 Buick lesabre with 65k miles 3.8 engine. about 3 weeks ago i had problems starting in the morning after many attemps it did start and started fine through out the day, next moring the same thing, i had it towed to a shop and when the mech went to start it it fired right up and he told me that if it was starting every time, which it was, he would not be able to find the problem, which I agree with. I replaced the fuel filter which was restricted and it ran fine for about a week, then again it would not start in the morning, it seems after setting over nite this ocurs but once it starts than it fires everytime with only about 1-2 of cranking. took back to the shop and again it stated. the next time 2days later, had it towed again, this time it would not start, mech. checked for spark, that was ok, check fuel and no fuel in line so he said I needed a new fuel pump, he replaced the fuel pump, car started for 2 days and the no start, took it back to the shop and while they were trying to find if there was another problem it started, they went ahead and replaced the pump again and also the fuel relay, so far it’s been starting. I was told by a friend that it has a cold start injector? and might check this. any advise would be great

It does not have a cold start injector, no such thing on this engine.

thanks for your responce. any thoughts as to what it might be. thanks again

Maybe it was the relay.