1995?2005 Chevrolet Cavalier

Do any body know if 1995?2005 Chevrolet Cavalier( Toyota Cavalier.) have any major problem after it get like 2000millage on it

Toyota Cavalier? Toyota doesn’t make push rod engines. The cavalier is all GM, which still produces push rod engines.


Their was a time period that GM rebadged them as Toyota’s and sold them to Japan and a few other countries as right hand drives.

My friend in New Zealand has one out of all cars.

What, the Corolla was too good for them or something?

But, in response to the OP, at that mileage (I’m assuming you mean 200,000 miles,) condition and maintenance performed is much more important than the make or model of car. You can find a great, well maintained Cavalier, or you could find a fairly new, unmaintained Toyota Corolla that’ll fall apart. So, again, condition at that mileage is the most important thing.

The Cavalier did have a 2.2-vin 4, push rod engine but it also had a 2.4 DOHC engine available as well. In 02 they had a 2.2-vin F, DOHC option and in 03 eliminated the 2.2 push rod engine. In 05 the only option is the 2.2-vin F, DOHC.

This year range was the time I worked at Chevrolet in Tucson. The complaints I remember best about the Cavalier were squeaks and rattels and the convertibles were impossible to keep water out. Delco battery leakage damaged some engine compatrment painted surfaces and corroded some electrical connections at the starter. Raido was a little elaborate to get out (had to take the top of the dash off first. Never made much money on the Cavalier