1995 Volvo 850 Turbo


I am the proud owner of a 1995 Volvo sedan and I love it. Body is still in wonderful condition and no rust. Recently when the car had just over 100K miles (really & truly), I invested about $3000 in repairs. The only remaining repairs are a turbo seal leak and the AC evaporator/condensor (est @ 1K for both). Now since I know the hoses to the gas tank could be replaced as I can’t fill it totally or it overflows, should I just get those hoses replaced while the AC is being repaired? Do both procedures require the engine to be removed? Thanks!


I had this exact vehicle. Bought it used (2 prev owners) for my daughter. She drove it less than a year before the transmission, the seals, the a/c, etc. went out. I can’t speak to your question, but I will say I hope yours lasts longer than mine. I wound up selling it for scrap.


Sorry your experience with the 850 has not been as good (so far) as mine. Perhaps the previous owner of my car was methodical about maintenance, etc. I did have to get some seals replaced (because a well-known oil-change establishment, unbeknownst to me, did not replace the oil filter during an oil change) thus the clogged filter caused pressure that blew some seals. Also, had the timing belt replaced and a few other repairs such as replacing the transmission fluid; haven’t had any signs of a transmission problem. I love the car and it runs like a top, as the saying goes. Great mileage on the highway and around 20-22 in town. Drives like a dream and is very, very comfortable.