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1994 Toyota Camry Combination switch (blinker/headlight switch) replacement

I have a 1994 Toyota Camry with a bad combination switch. This is the switch on the left of the steering wheel, which controls the headlights and blinkers. I have a replacement switch. I’ve read some very vague instructions of how to remove and replace this, and it is said to be very easy, however, I cannot see this being replaced without me having to remove the steering wheel. I have a shop manual, and it also has vague instructions, but it does not say weather or not I have to remove the steering wheel, but the picture shows the steering wheel removed. Has anyone replaced a combination switch on a camry? Also, do I need a wheel puller to remove a steering wheel?

I’ve replaced that switch on an older Toyota, an 1987 Supra. You will have to remove the steering wheel and the airbag, although my Supra didn’t have an airbag. Consequently, you will have to disconnect the battery and be very careful when handling the bag. I’ve had to remove the steering wheel from a few Toyotas besides the Supra, including a 1997 Camry, and none of them required a puller. It might seem tight at first but just wiggle it off.

I would not do anything involving an airbag unless you have experience. This is something for a mechanic who knows how to deal with that. The cost should not be that high.

The procedure requires that a Special Service Tool #09213-31021 or simular puller be used to remove the steering wheel. Once the steering wheel is removed you’ll be dealing with the clock spring. This has to be reinstalled in the exact same position prior to removal. If the vehicle has an air bag, disconnect the negative battery cable and wait 90 seconds before working on the system. When removing the air bag, make sure the air bag faces up while out of the vehicle.