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1994 saab drive shaft problem

My daughter bought a used Saab about a year ago and of course several things have come up for some repair. The latest problem has been with the front wheel base seems to kinda wobble a litte when she is accelerating from 10 to 40mph. She took it to her mechanic and he looked at the under carraige. He thinks it is the front drive shaft. THat sounds pretty serious…do you think that might be the problem and should she continue to drive the car for a few more days?

Year and model would be REALLY helpful. Used Saab is not enough.

The front drive shaft (on either side) has two Constant Velocity (CV) joints, one at either end. The joints wear out, but the drive shaft itself does not. When the CV joints wear out they make noise, but they do not affect the car’s drivability, or its handling.

If there is a problem with the way the car handles or drives, it’s likely to be something other then the drive axles.

Not knowing the true extent of the problem, it’s difficult for anyone to say whether or not the car is safe to drive. This long-distance diagnostic thing is not easy.

1994 Saab in title :slight_smile: , also only two models 900 & 9000 and very similar vehicles.

Similar, but not the same. Which are we talking about, a '94 Saab 900 or a '94 Saab 9000?