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1994 Pontiac Bonneville

My fellow co-worker’s car will not start after sitting for over a year while not being started.

It’s a 1994 Pontiac Bonneville, 6 cyl. automatic trans. We have determined that there is gas to the injectors, we have spark because we shot ether into the intake and it wanted to start, but had no gas.

We replaced the ignition relay, all of the fuses are good. The car will still not start.

We’re not mechanics, but do know a thing or two. We’re trying to help our friend out who had part of his leg amputated last year. He has no money, but is returning to work and would like to have the feeling of independance by having his car working.

So I hope you could help us out.

Thanks for listening

Get as much of the old gasoline out of the fuel system as possible. Replace it with fresh gas and a new fuel filter.

Cross your fingers.

Gasoline goes bad over time, and a year is long enough for it to happen, especially if fuel stabilizer was not added before the car was parked.

We have fuel all the way up to the injectors, The injectors are not allowing the fuel to pass threw them. We replaced the ignition relay and checked all of the fuses. We pulled the gas line prior to the injectors and saw the fuel pump is working. No gas is getting into the cylinders.

Thanks for your suggestion

The old gas may have clogged up the injectors.

Are the injectors getting an electrical signal to operate?

I understand old gas can clog the injectors, but all of them?

How & where do I check to see if they’re getting the signal? There is gas all the way up to the injectors

A friend told us that there is a reset switch, or button that has something to do with the injectors. we replaced the relay on the firewall for the ignition system

First of all you need to find out if the injectors have 12 volts at the pink wire in the injector harness. The injectors are powered up by fuse #7 (10 amp) in the relay center.

If the injectors do have 12 volts then you need to find out if they are being pulsed. You will need a test “noid” to plug into the injector connecter, with the noid installed crank over the engine and see if the noid pulses. If they do not pulse there is a problem on the control side of the circuit. More than likely a PCM problem.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check this out and let you know if that was an issue.