1994 Nissan Quest weird behavior

I have a 1994 Nissan Quest that has been doing some strange things. First thing, when backing out while turning right there is a loud creak in the front left tire area. Also, the steering wheel gets tight when doing the same turn. The tightness and the creak do not always happen at the same time. Once you back out and go forward and reverse in a straight linr, the steering wheel is normal.

Neither of those things happen at any other time.

The next issue is… the van never likes being in stop and go traffic and will decide not to go when you press the gas then it will jump forward and go. Another aspect of that just happened while we were driving with the air on. The car was driving normally, we slowed down to go off an exit and when we accelerated (40mph) to merge onto the highway then van would not go, the engine raced and the rpm arm fliped back and forth and went into red zone for a few seconds while we slowed down, turned off the air and the car settled out. This only happened once but it starts to act as if its going to do it again when you slow down and then speed back up between 50-55. Once the car gets to 60 its fine and you can go back to 50-55 with no problem.

The sticking point seems to be that 50-55 zone.

Any thoughts?