97 Nissan Quest cuts out

I have a 1997 Nissan Quest with roughly 188k on it. It’s done me pretty good, but I think the ole girl is finally dying on me. I’ve had an intermittent problem with it since I bought it in 2006. It will just DIE every so often…first it hesitates to shift gears, then it just dies. It only happened once in a blue moon at first, I took it to several different mechanics and they couldn’t figure it out. Well, now it’s worse. NOW it shakes and sputters and the RPM needle bounces like a ball as it struggles to get into each gear. It will usually get me home, but as soon as I put it in reverse to back in, it’ll die. Or sometimes it will die as soon as I put it in park. Does anyone here have any suggestions? Anyone hear of problems like this with this model mini van?

I should also add that in the morning, when the weather’s cool I can drive ALL the way to work (about 35-40 miles) without a problem AT ALL. But every afternoon on my way home (when it’s warmer), about 25 minutes into the drive, it starts the sputtering and struggling to seitch gears.