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1994 Nissan Pathfinder XE

I park the car, and the brake lights come on, and it won’t start again. The front drivers side turn signal also comes on.

If I play with the brake when the light has come on after parking, I can make it go out. Thinks its a short, and how do I localize it?

OH yeah. Its a brand new battery, and it always restarts with a jump.(bought a little hot shot tool). But within 3 mins it won’t start if the lights come on. I forgot to add this info to my post. dg

I would start with the brake switch that you can play with to get the light to go out. Adjustment or defective switch.

The other part of your message would indicate that you may have a bad battery cable connection (remove clean and securely reattach both ends of each battery cable. Have the battery (yea I know it is new) and the charging system checked.  Many auto part stores will check them for free.