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1994 Lexus

My mother in law’s 1994 lexus keeps dying on her and has done so for at least 4 years now. She has had it into quite a few mechanics and they have changed about 5 batteries in taht said 4 years. It continues to die on her at random times. She puts it on a charger and it charges the battery and it runs for x mount of days (not usually more than 5) and then randomly dies again. She has a sunroof and a five disc cd changer which my husband thought might be the problem so he unhooked those and still it continues to do die. They have tested the alternator and it always comes back perfectly normal. What is your guess?

Sounds like the charging system has a problem is my first guess. Get a good guy to confirm while running it is charging the battery.

Or one of the circuits is drawing too many amps while the car is turned off and draining the battery. This should be pretty simple to test for also.

Well I would suggest having the charging system checked for a start. I would also suspect the a heavy drain with the engine off.