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1994 Jeep running issues

I have an older 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 V-8, 4-wheel drive that suddenly stopped running. It will start and idle strong, but will not run as it dies every few feet - almost like it is flooded. No smoke, I replaced the filter, checked cap and rotor and fuel seems to be OK. 2 mechanics said there is “nothing wrong” but there is something seriously wrong!

You might want to check the fuel pressure for a weak fuel pump. If the fuel pressure is low, the engine will idle all day. But as soon as load is impossed on the engine, and the fuel pressure is low, the engine will stall. It’ll start right up and idle no problem. But put a load on the engine again, and it stalls.


Thanks - I will do that tomorrow. I looked and was hoping it would come out through the back inside the Jeep but it looks like I will have to drop the fuel tank to access the pump assembly. The smooth idle made me look everywhere else first but I will check that out tomorrow afternoon.

Don’t drop the tank unless you know it’s the fuel pump. On one of the fuel rails there should be a Schrader valve. Looks like a tire valve. Connect a fuel pressure test gauge to this valve, turn the ignition switch to the run position so the dash lights come on, and read the fuel pressure to see if it meets specs.


Thanks - I will look for the Schrader valve and test.