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1994 Honda Accord - intermittent CEL

1994 Honda Accord check engine light on intermittently for 5 months. My mechanic’s computer showed distributor problem back then, but I didn’t have it replaced then. The light only comes on when it is very damp or raining. The car has run fine up to last week when I noticed it was running rough when idling both in drive and park – okay when moving.

It could be a cracked distributor cap that allows moisture to get in and cause electrical problems. I had a similar issue with and old Toyota. You’ve lived with the problem for five months and it’s about time to get it fixed.

You can retrieve the OBDI Honda trouble codes using this procedure.


Thank you – that fits what’s been going on.

There’s a narrow thin rubber gasket between cap and body - be sure it’s there and OK. If there’s any axial play in the shaft, it may be time for a rebuild.

This is the kind of thing an auto electric shop can take care of, if you take the dist to them.

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