1994 gmc 2500 abs

abs won’t work right

If I were a service writer that would be an adequate statement, but a little more information would be welcome.
With or without more information the diagnostic fee will still be $100-$150, some shops may waive the fee if they perform the work.

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The didn’t work right when new. I’d unplug it.


rear wheel abs, I presume?

That was my guess, I don’t think 4 wheel ABS was available on 2500’s that year. RockAuto only shows a rear-only ABS hydraulic unit.

wasn’t RABS known as being “temperamental” . . . ?!

was it one of those technologies that was developed just so that a vehicle could be “in compliance” . . . sort of like those awful motorized seat belts?

Cheaper ABS… made some sense on trucks that run empty and fully loaded requiring a large difference in brake force for those 2 conditions. It helped e brake performance and stopping distance in theory.

Never seemed to work very well in practice much like the first Kelsey Hayes 4 wheel ABS on GM trucks.

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