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1994 Ford Ranger 3.0 V6 4WD Fluid leak coming out of hose running along the top side of radiator

Hey guys,

I ended up having to slam on the brakes the other day and lost all brakes, it looked like there was a small explosion of fluid that squirted all over the engine bay. I found where the fluid is coming out of and I still have plenty of brake fluid so my brake lines are not leaking. When I pump the brakes fluid comes out of a hose that runs along the top side of the radiator on the driver side. I’m not sure what hose this is for or what fluid is leaking when I press the brakes. Does anyone have an idea of what fluid would be squirting out if it isn’t brake fluid that is leaking when the brakes are pressed? Any insite of what actually happened would be greatly appreciated.


Is the hose in question in that picture? Where?

If it’s that tiny black hose on top of the white surface (radiator) then that’s your radiator overflow tube and I’m having trouble deciding why exactly pressing on the brakes would make coolant shoot out of it unless maybe there’s something horribly wrong with the vacuum system.

No, its not that line, the hose runs all the way across the front of the frame and is wrapped in like a plastic flex casing and leads down into the wheel wells so it has to be brake fluid, I will probably just have to open up that flex and see what I can find hopefully I don’t have to replace that whole assembly line.

Oh yes they are!

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Unless Ford really made the Ranger weird, there should be a hard line going from the MC to the wheel well, where it transitions to a flex line. Sounds to me like the previous owner had a broken hard line and a case of the cheapskates and decided to do his own homebrew repair of questionable intelligence, and now you’re left mopping up the mess.

If that’s the case, you’re gonna have to run a new hard line to make things right. Fortunately, it’s in the front so it won’t be as much of a chore as if it were going to a rear wheel, but were I you I’d inspect every inch of that braking system to be sure Cletus didn’t cobble together another assemblage of stupid somewhere else.


That you refer to is simply a protective plastic sheath that protects that brake line from damage from road debris.

Remove that plastic sheath and the brake line to the Rt front wheel is inside. The sheath is ` split along its length on one side.
You will need to either repair that line or replace it.

I would replace the line from the master cylinder all the way to that fender. If it is that rotted, you will have another leak in the near future.