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1994 corsica; Wont start electrical Issue

We have a 94 corsica that we have trouble starting. I realized after a few times of this problem that, if when you turn the key to “Run” the lights ( Seat belt, Brake, oil, check engine etc…) are not lit up, but if you wait for a minute, those lights will light and the engine will then start. when those lights go on, it will start without a problem. But if those lights have not come on it will crank, but never fire.

Anyone have any ideas if it’s the computer, or some other device that is hesitating for that minute, before allowing it to start.

Other than this problem the engine runs fine.


Wiggle the key when you turn the ignition switch to “run”. If the lights light up then you may have a bad ignition switch. It could be the ECM but I kind of doubt it.