1994 chevy s10

i have a 1994 s10 that has two engine codes in it they are 22 and 32 does anyone know what these are please help also can anyone help with the egr value it keeps getting csrbon built up and causeing it to stick open

I had a 1994 LaSabre with a sticking EGR valve.

I extended its life about 25,000 miles (eventually replaced) by taking it off, turning it upside down, connecting two wires to the terminals with the coil (lowest resistance), filling it with carburetor cleaner, applying 12V to it to cycle the plunger many times and then shaking it dry. Would work for months at a time.

The Chevy code 22 is for “low signal voltage from the throttle positions sensor (tps)”. The voltage and ohms of the tps can be checked with a multimeter.
The Chevy code 32 is for, “EGR failure”. The tests/checks/repair are in your repair manual.