1994 Chevrolet Silverado extended cab pickup

Have a 1994 Chevrolet extended cab pickup. When I pour water into radiator, it pours out just as fast as going in under engine block and also noted on passenger side of block. What is likely cause and what am I facing. I can’t drive it as it overheats within a mile. Again, pours out as fast as going in.

Sounds like freeze plugs are rusted out. They’re round plugs that are in both sides of the block.

You likely lost a freeze plug. It is a big metal plug in the side of the block that holds the water in. There are several (3 on the passenger side, I think) on a Chevy V8. You can buy an expanding rubber plug that can be installed in tight spots. They are less than $10 for the right size plug. Get a flashlight and get under the car and search. One may be hiding under the engine mount.

Hope that is all it is. A cracked block would be seriously ugly.

BTW, freeze plugs won’t prevent the block from cracking if the coolant is mostly water and freezes. A better name is “core plugs” as they are used for getting casting sand out of the core during fabrication.

Insightful is absolutely correct. “Freeze plug” is really a misnomer.

Block plug, intake gasket, head gasket, who knows without looking? Crawl underneath and have a look while someone pours the water.