Front End Shake

In Ohio on a travel assignment, live in Tn, had my car checked prior to leaving, news breaks, drums, rotors, they also found ice under my car and in my wheels, the mechanic broke those off. I had no problems with the car prior to the mechanic giving me clearance for travel. When I arrived in Ohio, within a week of arrival my front end would shake at about 70mph, continuously. It is a significant shake. The whole front end (steering wheel, etc.). If I slow down to around 55 mph or 60 for around five to ten min. and then speed up it would stop for a while. If I am on the road for more than 30 min it will do it again. I attempted to replicate this weekend with no luck until I was on the road for 20 to 30 min. I felt it might be ice again so ran my car thru the car wash, then drove it to Cincinnati to visit my husband and it did it again. HELP!!!

Tires are the first place to start with a shaking front end. You can have your tires balanced and this will sometimes help. It is possible for a radial tire have a steel belt start deviate from its location under load while driving. The only way to diagnose a radial belt pull is with a ?road force? tire balance machine. It actually simulates the road with a drum that presses on the tire while it checks for balance. Most tire shops will not have this machine, and a traditional tire balance machine can not find radial belt problems. If your tires are worn out, and your mechanic can do a dry park test to check the steering linkage, and alignment is ok, it is most likely your tires. Or just rotate the tires to see if the shaking moves to the back.

The fact that you don’t get the shake all the time points to something other than the end of the wheels - in other words, not wheels, not tires, not balance.

Have a mechanic look at CV joints or something like that.

tires would be the first place to start. you mentioned that there was ice, and the mechanic BROKE those off. it could be possible that he might have knocked off a wheel balancing weight with knowing it.