1994 Camry with periodic starting problem

My 1994 Camry (170K)periodically (absolutely no pattern that I can figure out) does not start the first time - when I turn the key absolutely NOTHING happens, no click, no attempt to turnover, etc. I continue to turn the key and it eventually starts - sometimes after just one attempt, sometimes after 25 attempts. Dealer installed new started recently, battery is also less than one year old. Currently at the dealer for analysis but they don’t seem to have a clue. Thoughts??

Ignition switch?

If it’s an automatic try starting it in Neutral instead of Park. My 95 Dakota would do this occasionally.

Ed B.

Thanks for the quick responses. Also, saw that others have had similar problems with periodic starting problems! The dealership says the issue is with something called the “park neutral safety switch”. Reasonable? Hope so as this is starting to drive me a little crazy as I really enjoy living without a car payment.

Yes, it is reasonable. That is why edb1961 suggested trying it in neutral.