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94 Camry wont start

When going short distances, half mile to two miles, and I turn off the car it will not REstart. Dash lights come on but engine does not make a sound. No clicking, no engine trying to turn over, nothing. After the car sits for awhile and cools off it starts up with no hesitation at all. If on the road for several minutes the car does not have this problem no matter how far or how many times I turn it off and on. The battery checks out ok. Someone said it could be a ground wire loose. What do you think. Is this something I could do myself?

If the vehicle has an automatic transmission, and the next time the engine won’t start, turn the ignition switch on so the dash lights come on. Step on the brake pedal and shift the transmission into neutral and then try starting the engine. If the engine starts, there’s a problem with the park/neutral safety switch.


I agree. This problem is as common as dirt.

Thanks for the idea. We havent thought of that and will check it out next time it happens.

Once again our car wouldnt restart after a short trip. We tried your idea and what do you know it started right up. Thank you for your post. Do you know if this is a problem that will get worse and worse or is this a trick we can get by with every time this happens? Thanks again, Jan

When the park/neutral/range switch starts acting up you want to replace it.

If the contacts for the park position start acting up there’s no telling when the contacts for neutral will start acting up. Then the engine can’t be started at all unless the switch is taken out of the circuit.

It’s better to replace the switch.