1994 Buick LaSabre - dies while dirving

I am the original owner of a well-maintained 1994 Buick LaBre. While driving, the motor will stall out and I have to pull over to the side of the road. I have had it the dealer 3 times and they have replaced the computer. I only drive about 25 miles a week and the problem happens about once a week when I go out. When I pull to the side of the road and let it sit for awhile, I start it and I can continue. I am 84 years old. I’m tired of taking it to the dealer with no resolution. Do you have any suggetsions.

I would first suspect a problem with the ignition system but it could be a fuel delivery problem also. I suggest you carry a can of starter fluid with you so when the trouble occurs again you can spray a small amount into the intake to see if that makes the engine run. If it doesn’t help then the ignition system should be checked out.

On a GM vehicle of this vintage, the two things to check for are a faulty crankshaft position sensor or ignition module. Either of these can cause the engine to stall out of nowhere.


Thank you!