1994 4runner electrical power loss

1994 4runner v6, 5 speed manual. After clutch replacement ive had intermittent electrical problems. Sometimes when ignition is turned to start it will click and cut all electrical to car. When battery is disconnected and reconnected it will be normal and start as usual. BUT the past 2 days it has started no problem and then all electrical shut off about a minute down the road, once again disconnecting and reconnecting battery brings power back. Im stumped because after looking over everything possible i cannot find any form of short, loose cable or anything.

Is the always on power, for things like the door open lights and the horn, losing power too?

It has power until switch is turned, then ALL power dies after one click. Its only an occasional problem which is what confuses me, ive checked everything. Yesterday it lost power while i was driving. I pulled over, took a terminal off waited 10 seconds to put it back on. Starts right up and no problem all the way home.

Seems like a faulty connection at the battery terminals. Try measuring the terminals with a Volt meter.

Recheck the connections at both ends of the battery cables and at the starter if you disconnected it…

check for ground cables at/around where the trans bolts to the engine as well. Sounds like one is loose or forgotten about.

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Since this occurred after clutch replacement, seems like that’s the clue where to start. Probably required starter motor removal, then re-install. Verify the starter motor’s electrical terminals (B+ and S) are making a good, tight connection to the wiring harness connectors. Starter motor ground is made by its attachment to transmission, so make sure the mounting bolts are all installed and correctly torqued (not saying this will be a fun job!). Also make sure the transmission is properly grounded to the chassis.

If I had that problem I’d start first with this test: Measure the voltage on the starter’s S terminal with key in “start”. Probe between S and starter case. Voltage should measure at least 10.5 volts. What do you measure?

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