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Loss of all electrical

Turned off my 96 Toyo 4runner, wouldn’t restart, alarm kept going on/off, batt worn dwn and couldn’t disengage out of park. No lights, no horn. Replaced battery - still nothing. Any ideas?

Start at the battery and trace how far into the electrical system you do have power,sure that batterys charged? did you measure? how? under load?

…actually yes, the battery had 13.4 volts (no load) and 11.9 under 15amps. I plan on backtracking from the fuse box, although it seems to be a major junction that’s effected. Everything’s effected, locks, windows, horn, shifter…

Hey Oldschool,
…just wanted to let you know, you were on the right track. After giving my battery a FULL charge, I took it to the parts store for testing. They said it had an 88% charge, I called my contact the Toyota dealership, he said “replace the battery”. After conviencing the parts guy to warranty my battery, I’m happy to say “I’m problem free” (for now). Thanks again.