1993 Volvo 240

After driving this car for a couple hours I lost power and it eventually stalled. I was able to restarted it and limp home by pumping the accelerator and prevented stalling. 48 hours later it started no problem and drove to mechanic. He has had the car and driven it for a couple days without failure. He did mention that the fuel pump is making a slight noise. Advice? Should the fuel pump be empirically replaced? This car is stored at airport for long periods of time between uses, 3-6 month periods.

Th long term storage may indicate a fuel problem. Before replacing the fuel pump. I would empty the tank (by syphoning) as much as you can, and refill it with fresh fuel, while adding Stabil or some other fuel stabilizer.

Then try driving it a good distance, if possible, see how it runs. If it still acts up, you may need a new fuel filter or a new fuel pump. A good mechanic can quickly find out. Even if the car does not act up, your driving pattern benefits greatly from adding stabilizer to the fuel. Cars are a lot like people; they get bunged up with out regular exercise!

Good luck!